Heat press machines are the most widely used machines in the field of fashion design. This is in spite of the fact that more convenient and faster technologies exist such as digital printing machines. The heat press machine has maintained its status as a powerhouse and primary asset in the design business.

Designers know that the prints created out of a heat press machine are far more superior and tend to have a longer lasting color quality. Some people wonder why this is the case and how a much older technology can yield better results that the ones recently invented. Breaking down the science behind the heat press machine will answer this question.

The Build

Heat press machines can come in many designs, but the basic requisites are the pressure pad, the heated surface and the pressure handle. The pressure pad is the flat surface where you layout the fabric and where it received the pressure. The pressure will come from the pressure handle and is often time exerted manually by the one operating the machined. The heated pad is attached to an electrical thermo-generator that heats up when prompted. The build is usually made of metal, and some older versions have incorporated wooden frames.

The Physics

There is not much physics involved in the bench press machine other than heat and pressure. Heat is what softens the paint and allows it to detach from the original canvass. Once detached the paint is applied with pressure, so it transfers to the destination canvass either in the form of fabric or vinyl. In recently released heat pressed machines heat can be adjusted so that the designer has more control on the darkness and the degree of how much of the original design is transferred to the fabric. This creates more diversity in the design and allows more control in the creative process.

The Evolution

Before the release of the modern heat press machine you know today, it had to go through a lot of changes. The most basic designs before were swung away and clamshells. Later on, another design was introduced called the Draw. Modern developers have further developed these designs to create a combination of one or all of the three designs. Each design works best depending on the type of print the designer is trying to create so having the design become adjustable makes the modern heat press machines more powerful.

The Practicality

One advantage of the heat press machine that its counterparts cannot beat is what it delivers in the practical aspect. This is because prints out of heat press machines require lesser energy and thus costs much less than those digitally done. The process may take longer and may be more effortful, but the end results are also of better quality.

The heat press machine is no super invention that requires the infusion of complex technology, but like the scissors, its practicality and simplicity will make it a relevant piece that will forever be used by humans.

While there is a machine that is so powerful that it is used to print our dollar bills. This machine is heavily guarded and regulated and can operate only in certain conditions, so you have no chance of stealing it if that’s what you are planning. If you want to earn the dollar bills though instead of printing them, you stand a chance. People love to invent things and in the process create machines that make your daily activities much easier and convenient. These machines do not only possess the ability to make you do things more conveniently, but they also are in themselves resources that can help you build an alternative source of income. Here are some classic examples.

The Laptop

The laptop was initially invented as a data processing device derived from computers and personal desktops. Nowadays the number of business and job opportunities you have with a laptop is unlimited. With just a laptop you can earn by blogging, writing content, programming, data analysis, website designs and much more. If you have a business, the laptop eliminates the need for you to have a physical shop because you can easily market and sell your products online.

Sewing Machines

From the high tech laptops, let’s move to your grandmother’s sewing machine. Many people became big time business professionals in the fashion industry, and if you ask them where their success started, they would often say that it started with a piece of paper, a pencil and a sewing machine. Creative design begins with the idea that you put on paper. Making it into a reality by carrying it out on fabric with a sewing machine is at a totally different level. Sewing machines harness the young designer’s creativity and allow them to create the first blue prints of their designs that will take the fashion trend by storm.

Heat Press Machines

When it comes to Shirt design printing, many people would prefer or opt to use digital printers. Those who are more concerned about creative freedom and quality designs know that the best way to do it is to use the heat press machines. Sure the process may take longer, but the designer can create designs free from the limits of technology and transfer it to a piece of fabric with accuracy and later on convert it to become an amazing fashion piece.


Gone are the days when phones are only used for calls and messaging. Today you can trade with stocks and foreign exchange with an app on your hybrid smartphone. This transforms your phone into a money making machine generating income on trades you win right at the tip of your fingers.

Men have made the lives of men easier by creating machines. Occasionally these machines are intended for a practical purpose but with a little creativity later on converted to serve a purpose that creates an opportunity for income. Men are intuitive in creating machines but are also creative in making them a resource that generates high returns.

It all started when I was a child…

My love of heat press machines started when I was about eight years old. My grandmother at the time was pretty frail and on her deathbed. One of the love that she had in life was making her own clothing. She actually used to run a pretty successful shop in the center of our town.

She used to be very good at using embroidery to create personalized garments.

When I knew that her time was almost up, I knew that I want to do something really special for her. I guess it would also be very special for me too.

I did have quite the touch with embroidery that she did. But I still knew that I wanted to make a custom garment for her. The first thought that came to mind was to make a T-shirt like we had for our sporting teams.

I called up the company that was nearby that made them and they said that they make all the T-shirts using heat press machine. I had no real clue to heat press machine was at the time but I knew that I need to get one and learn how to use it for my grandmother’s time was up.

So I went to the local hobby store and was able to purchase one. It didn’t seem all that hard to use. Actually, for me it really wasn’t at all hard to use. I was pretty much a heat press natural.

I bought some vinyl transfer paper in a couple of plane garments from the local T-shirt store.

I was ready to do my first heat press.

First, I need to decide what I was actually going to put on the shirt. I decided upon something simple. I was going to put my name and my grandma’s name in a heart and put on the shirt. I didn’t think that would it would be bad to do a heat transfer using that.

So I cut out the design on the heat press transfer paper, turn the heat press machine on, but the garment on the heat press surface, through the paper on top, and pressed away.

45 seconds later it was ready to open up the clamshell heat press machine.

Much to my surprise, the end result was actually very good. This you should have came out almost perfectly. There was a little smudging caused by the heat press shaking a bit when I was lowering the lever. But I think that was more on me than the actual machine.

I made a couple more of the T-shirts, with each of them getting better than the last.

After making 10 T-shirts on my heat press machine I was ready to give them to my grandma. But first I want to make sure that everyone in the family would wear one.

I showed everyone what I had made from a heat press machine and gave them all T-shirts. One sunny afternoon we all walked in the grandma’s room when she was at hospice and surprised her with the T-shirts. Everyone had their own custom T-shirt with their name on the front in her name and within a heart.

Grandma absolutely loved it. I’ll never forget the look on her face.

That was the moment that I absolutely knew that I was going to be a heat press machine enthusiast.

heat press machine

I want to give a shout out to the man who absolutely saved my heat press machine business. Without him reaching out, I would be filing for bankruptcy. It’s kind of scary to think, that I was that close to losing my business. But needless to say, I am still here.

The man that reached out to me was none other than Joe from heat press review.com. He was very kind into directing me to his supplier of heat press machines. See, Joe just reviews the best heat press machines for sale so that readers can make an informed decision. He doesn’t actually sell them himself.

But what that means is that he is direct access to the majority of heat press manufacturers. So when times are tough, I know I can count on Joe to have a great source within the industry that’s going to be able to provide me everything that I need to keep my business going.

Joe asked that I give him a little shout out on my website. I guess it’s the absolute least that I can do.

Heat Press Review is the leading source of everything heat press machine.

They have a very detailed set of articles that are going to go into all aspects of using heat press machine, as well as accessories you can get, such as final transfer paper, heat press transfer paper, and other accessories such as hat press machines.

The main attraction on his website is the great heat press machine buying guide and price comparison chart of the best heat transfer press machines for sale today. HeatPressReview.com extensively reviewed all of the best heat press machines on the market in order to come to the conclusion as to what are the best five heat press machines on the market.

Heat press review.com wants to make sure that every buyer makes an informed decision when they’re going to be purchasing a heat press machine. There are far too many shady dealers of heat presses out there. Many people get scams by buying a poorly made heat press machine.

Joe does not want that to happen you.

Again, if you’re looking to buy heat press machine, I highly suggest that you go to Joe’s website for the top heat press of 2017. They are by far the best resource for all heat press machine reviews.

Victory! I found someone to sell me heat press machines!!

I am so unbelievably happy right now. It has been a crazy few days. I guess I’ll start with saying that I had someone right in telling me that they could supply me with plenty of power press heat transfer machines. It was like a gift from God.

The best part is that they’re able to beat the price that my previous heat press machine distributor was using. I really can’t believe it.

They were able to overnight me all the heat press machines that I needed, which was absolutely awesome.

Within three days of having all the heat press machines, I sold them out all the local students in schools.

They were ecstatic to be able to make their T-shirts in time for the beginning of their sports seasons.

I also had people come to me and inquire if I was going to teach classes on how to use a heat press machine. I hadn’t really thought about this because I didn’t think that there was much demand for it. However, now that I think about it, there are many nuances to using a heat press machine properly.

Also, depending what you’re going to be doing for your heat transfer, whether you’re using heat transfer paper or vinyl, the technique of using the machine is going to vary greatly.

I think it would be great if I can show everyone how to use the heat press machine to transfer onto hats, sweatpants, and other popular garments.

It’s pretty cool to think that I have the ability to educate a whole town on one little hobby of mine. Pretty soon I’m going to see everyone walking around with a product made from one of the products that I sell. That’s kind of a liberating feeling.

This is part of the reason that I absolutely love using a heat press machine. It such a simple little device that can bring so much joy to so many people. It’s one of those little devices that kind of operates in the background of the world and doesn’t get the credit that it deserves.

That’s kind of why am making the site, not just a rant about my heat press distributor, but also to share my excitement about he presses with everyone in the world.

I think for my next post I’m going to tell you guys how I got into heat press machines. It’s kind of an interesting story that I think you’ll all enjoy.

and so the heat press saga continues!

First off, I want to thank everyone I did reach out to me after my last post. It seems that there has been an interruption in the distribution channel for all heat press machines. I started and been able to find the source of the disruption, but needless to say it is there.

I’ve spoken with several other heat press machine businesses across the nation and it seems that the problem is stemming from auto supply chain problem in Thailand. For those of you that don’t know, heat press machine parts mainly come from Thailand. Even if a heat press machine is made here in the United States, the parts are more likely coming from overseas.

I think this may have something to do with the foul weather that they have been having lately. Either way, it seems that the majority of us heat press machine sellers are kind of screwed. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I have lost.

Never my wildest dreams would I have thought that heat press transfer machines would be my biggest cause of stress in life.

I have begun to source other distributors to see if anyone has my more popular models in stock. It’s kind of hard to find distributors who have power press heat press machines and JFROTO heat press machines in stock.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do. I have customers calling in each and every day wondering if I have any more heat press machines in stock. It looks like all the sporting teams at my local schools are starting up again and are wanting to make custom T-shirts. At least I can take comfort in knowing that there isn’t anyone else that they are able to buy heat press machines from.

Still, I would rather have the guaranteed business right now while the iron is still hot.

I’m going to continue making calls to every heat press machine distributor that I can find on the planet. There has to be someone out there that has heat press machines for sale.

Again, if anyone is having similar problems, please reach out to me.

Annoying problem with Heat Press Machine distributor…

Lately I’ve been having such an annoying problem with my heat press machine distributor. I’m sorry, I know I normally don’t rant, but I just needed to vent this into a public forum to see if I’m not alone in the struggle.

As you guys know, I’ve been running a little shop in the center of town in my spare time that sells various little machines, such as heat press machines, sewing machines, and vacuums. I know, it’s a very random assortment of goods, however, there is a big demand in my town for them.

Anyways, one of the highest margin items that a seller heat press machines. Surprisingly enough, I do sell a very good amount of them. Heck, they practically fly off the shelves.

I think this is because of done a very good job marketing my business on social media. All the middle school and high school kids are absolutely in love with making their own T-shirts. I’m also the only person within a 20 mile radius that will sell them a heat press machine.

So naturally, when I had this big of a following, I’m going to need to make sure that I’ve plenty of heat press machines in stock.

Well, for the past two weeks this hasn’t been the case. My distributor has been absolutely terrible at responding to my inquiries. I had placed an order for 42 power press heat machines about two months ago in anticipation for the new school year. You think that with that much time in advance that the company would have absolutely no problem building the heat press machines and then selling them to me.

Well, I was infinitely wrong in making that assumption. I’ve been reaching out to them for weeks but they have not gotten back to me. I’m beginning to think that they are either out of business or just simply want to take my money and run.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone else that buys from them so I can see if this is a problem unique to me or not. Such kind of why am making this post.

If anyone is having problems with their heat press distributor, please let me know.