Heat press machines are the most widely used machines in the field of fashion design. This is in spite of the fact that more convenient and faster technologies exist such as digital printing machines. The heat press machine has maintained its status as a powerhouse and primary asset in the design business.

Designers know that the prints created out of a heat press machine are far more superior and tend to have a longer lasting color quality. Some people wonder why this is the case and how a much older technology can yield better results that the ones recently invented. Breaking down the science behind the heat press machine will answer this question.

The Build

Heat press machines can come in many designs, but the basic requisites are the pressure pad, the heated surface and the pressure handle. The pressure pad is the flat surface where you layout the fabric and where it received the pressure. The pressure will come from the pressure handle and is often time exerted manually by the one operating the machined. The heated pad is attached to an electrical thermo-generator that heats up when prompted. The build is usually made of metal, and some older versions have incorporated wooden frames.

The Physics

There is not much physics involved in the bench press machine other than heat and pressure. Heat is what softens the paint and allows it to detach from the original canvass. Once detached the paint is applied with pressure, so it transfers to the destination canvass either in the form of fabric or vinyl. In recently released heat pressed machines heat can be adjusted so that the designer has more control on the darkness and the degree of how much of the original design is transferred to the fabric. This creates more diversity in the design and allows more control in the creative process.

The Evolution

Before the release of the modern heat press machine you know today, it had to go through a lot of changes. The most basic designs before were swung away and clamshells. Later on, another design was introduced called the Draw. Modern developers have further developed these designs to create a combination of one or all of the three designs. Each design works best depending on the type of print the designer is trying to create so having the design become adjustable makes the modern heat press machines more powerful.

The Practicality

One advantage of the heat press machine that its counterparts cannot beat is what it delivers in the practical aspect. This is because prints out of heat press machines require lesser energy and thus costs much less than those digitally done. The process may take longer and may be more effortful, but the end results are also of better quality.

The heat press machine is no super invention that requires the infusion of complex technology, but like the scissors, its practicality and simplicity will make it a relevant piece that will forever be used by humans.

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