It all started when I was a child…

My love of heat press machines started when I was about eight years old. My grandmother at the time was pretty frail and on her deathbed. One of the love that she had in life was making her own clothing. She actually used to run a pretty successful shop in the center of our town.

She used to be very good at using embroidery to create personalized garments.

When I knew that her time was almost up, I knew that I want to do something really special for her. I guess it would also be very special for me too.

I did have quite the touch with embroidery that she did. But I still knew that I wanted to make a custom garment for her. The first thought that came to mind was to make a T-shirt like we had for our sporting teams.

I called up the company that was nearby that made them and they said that they make all the T-shirts using heat press machine. I had no real clue to heat press machine was at the time but I knew that I need to get one and learn how to use it for my grandmother’s time was up.

So I went to the local hobby store and was able to purchase one. It didn’t seem all that hard to use. Actually, for me it really wasn’t at all hard to use. I was pretty much a heat press natural.

I bought some vinyl transfer paper in a couple of plane garments from the local T-shirt store.

I was ready to do my first heat press.

First, I need to decide what I was actually going to put on the shirt. I decided upon something simple. I was going to put my name and my grandma’s name in a heart and put on the shirt. I didn’t think that would it would be bad to do a heat transfer using that.

So I cut out the design on the heat press transfer paper, turn the heat press machine on, but the garment on the heat press surface, through the paper on top, and pressed away.

45 seconds later it was ready to open up the clamshell heat press machine.

Much to my surprise, the end result was actually very good. This you should have came out almost perfectly. There was a little smudging caused by the heat press shaking a bit when I was lowering the lever. But I think that was more on me than the actual machine.

I made a couple more of the T-shirts, with each of them getting better than the last.

After making 10 T-shirts on my heat press machine I was ready to give them to my grandma. But first I want to make sure that everyone in the family would wear one.

I showed everyone what I had made from a heat press machine and gave them all T-shirts. One sunny afternoon we all walked in the grandma’s room when she was at hospice and surprised her with the T-shirts. Everyone had their own custom T-shirt with their name on the front in her name and within a heart.

Grandma absolutely loved it. I’ll never forget the look on her face.

That was the moment that I absolutely knew that I was going to be a heat press machine enthusiast.

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