Annoying problem with Heat Press Machine distributor…

Lately I’ve been having such an annoying problem with my heat press machine distributor. I’m sorry, I know I normally don’t rant, but I just needed to vent this into a public forum to see if I’m not alone in the struggle.

As you guys know, I’ve been running a little shop in the center of town in my spare time that sells various little machines, such as heat press machines, sewing machines, and vacuums. I know, it’s a very random assortment of goods, however, there is a big demand in my town for them.

Anyways, one of the highest margin items that a seller heat press machines. Surprisingly enough, I do sell a very good amount of them. Heck, they practically fly off the shelves.

I think this is because of done a very good job marketing my business on social media. All the middle school and high school kids are absolutely in love with making their own T-shirts. I’m also the only person within a 20 mile radius that will sell them a heat press machine.

So naturally, when I had this big of a following, I’m going to need to make sure that I’ve plenty of heat press machines in stock.

Well, for the past two weeks this hasn’t been the case. My distributor has been absolutely terrible at responding to my inquiries. I had placed an order for 42 power press heat machines about two months ago in anticipation for the new school year. You think that with that much time in advance that the company would have absolutely no problem building the heat press machines and then selling them to me.

Well, I was infinitely wrong in making that assumption. I’ve been reaching out to them for weeks but they have not gotten back to me. I’m beginning to think that they are either out of business or just simply want to take my money and run.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone else that buys from them so I can see if this is a problem unique to me or not. Such kind of why am making this post.

If anyone is having problems with their heat press distributor, please let me know.

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